Seen & Unseen:

How Marketers Use Computer Vision

For marketers, visual content has quickly become the primary canvas for telling stories and influencing consumers.

But this surge in visuals makes it that much harder to stand out amongst countless images and videos—and avoid some brand-unsafe associations.

Fortunately, marketers don't have to fly blind: Computer vision—a technology that processes and understands visual information—can help them see the right opportunities in a highly visual digital world.

Contextual Advertising
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What's Inside

The reasons why 46 percent of marketers say contextual irrelevance is their biggest overall concern when it comes to generating revenue.

Insights from more than 300 industry pros from agencies, brands and publishers regarding their strategies and struggles behind visual content.

How computer vision can enable contextual targeting, allowing marketers to reach interested customers.

Real-life examples of computer vision in action from brands such as Maybelline, Canon, Nike and Jaguar.

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