The Contextual Edge in the Age of Attention

New Study Proves that GumGum’s Contextual Solutions Increase Ad Viewability & Brand Recall

In a complex digital landscape, where consumers are constantly bombarded with brand messaging, how do we measure ad success? Recently, one method that is gaining traction is attention-based measurement, which uses metrics around “ad viewability” to identify how long eyeballs were actually on a particular brand message.

With the decline of third-party data, GumGum’s contextual technology is leading the way into a cookie-less future. GumGum partnered with Lumen Research and Publicis Groupe to put its contextual expertise to the test through attention-based metrics and proved that display ads that are contextually targeted drive greater consumer attention.

Contextual Advertising
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What's Inside

GumGum’s contextually-targeted ads had a 92% ad viewability average versus 55% for standard formats.

Four test groups were created, with 600 respondents from large and innovative brands spanning four different verticals: financial services, electronics, pharmaceuticals and beauty.

Respondents were shown a number of webpages on premium content sites. Lumen Research created a test environment which mimicked the real-world online browsing experience.

GumGum’s contextually-targeted formats had 3,739 seconds of attention per 000’ impressions, which was 22x more than for standard units.

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